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$494, 000

As optioned

Weight 3100kg + Engine

Length 9.05 Metres

Beam 3.10 Metres

Fuel Tank 445 Litres

Water Tank 96 Litres


Draft 0.70 Metres

Engine Power MERCURY 2 X V300 XL CW AMS DTS (White)

Berths 3 + 2

CE-Catergory (B/7) (C/11)


Simply Captivating

Welcome to the New Era of Boating Enjoyment with the Flipper 900 DC. Discover the ultimate boat that offers everything you desire: exhilarating driving experiences and the perfect blend of versatility for both thrilling adventures and leisurely overnight trips. With its innovative and practical design, the Flipper 900 DC sets new standards in aesthetics and functionality. Step on board and enter a realm where every detail aligns mysteriously, creating a seamless boating experience that surpasses expectations.

Standard Equipment

1st Mate Marine Safety

Berths in cabin, 3 + 2

Bilge pump, electric 2 cs, manual 1 pc

Bow ladders (not with bow anchor winch)