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$53, 872

As optioned

Weight 430kg + Engine

Length 4.79 Metres

Beam 2.00 Metres

Fuel Tank 86 Litres

Water Tank N/A


Draft 0.34 Metres

Engine Power YAMAHA 60HP

Berths N/A

CE-Catergory C/6


Uncompromising Performance

The Compass 160 E is a remarkable electric boat that embodies sustainability and innovation. Designed with a focus on eco-friendliness, this electric-powered boat offers a clean and silent navigation experience. The Compass 160 E is at the forefront of environmentally responsible boating, emitting zero emissions and minimizing its ecological impact on the waterways. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easily maneuverable, perfect for exploring narrow channels and tranquil lakes. Despite its smaller stature, the Compass 160 E doesn't compromise on comfort or functionality. Its well-thought-out design provides ample seating and storage space, ensuring a pleasant and organized boating experience for small groups or solo adventurers. If you seek a harmonious connection with nature without compromising on modern amenities, the Compass 160 E is the ideal choice for sustainable boating ventures.

Standard Equipment

Ice Blue hull

Centre console (skin colour: White)

Swimming ladder